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Our Solutions

We’re committed to helping our customers every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all their needs. Read below to learn about the range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options

EvoGate Corporate

Evogate enables companies to manage visitor, employee, and contractor. It comes with two versions on-premises and cloud based and uses an iOS or Android smart phones and tablet for registration in combination with a web portal for configuration and reporting. It can be branded to your company’s identity and offers support for receptionist-less front desks.

Main features:
  • QR code
  • Meeting room booking system
  • Mobile and web interface
  • Schedule and integration with outlook calendar
  • Self-service registration using reception station
  • Label and card printer
  • Arrival, cancelation and leave notifications

EvoGate Compounds

Evogate for residential complex enable the residents and compound’s administration to manage, monitor and control guest and crowds. Residents can invite visitors and make the entrance and access more secure and easy. With the admin interface and dashboard, the management can monitor real-time numbers of visitors and generate reports on demand.

Evogate can manage:
  • Event’s crowds
  • Gathering
  • Single visits and multiple-visits

Centro – VIP Business Management Platform

Our solution for VIP business and office management is a unified interactive platform that puts all the Team, Tasks, communication and all related activities in one platform.

It makes building schedules and managing tasks along with the team easier and organized with less effort.

Main features:
  • Mobile and Smart phone client for easy access to the schedule and appointment and ability to give instructions and notes direct from the smart devices
  • E-Signature feature for the VIP person to approve and sign the documents direct from smart phones or give instructions for rejection or comments
  • Managing meeting agenda, appointments, traveling and events schedule of VIPs with workflow approvals.
  • Different views for the VIP person’s calendar showing different type of events like flights, internal meetings, and others.
  • Private Popup notification feature for the VIP’s while meeting is running or in travels through the system.
  • The team can receive requests for meetings and appointments from different parties and arrange them along with travel trips and include them in the calendar by following work procedures