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What is “Iknology” website?

“Iknology” website is an online platform for a leading Saudi company in all e-commerce and technology services, including design, development, and tech-transformation.

The company provides its services to the public and private sectors within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“Iknology” website is subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Users of the website are required to use the website in accordance with the regulations and laws of the Kingdom.

  • Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand how we collect, use, and share your personal information when you visit or use our website.
  • Our policies are designed to help you understand the procedures and practices that “Iknology” website follows in collecting, using, and sharing your personal information, the steps taken to secure this information, and will also explain your legal rights in relation to this information when using the “Iknology” website.
  • These policies apply to all uses of our website, including information, data, services, tools, all pages, and other activities that we provide on or through our website, or when you interact with us in any other way.
  • As soon as you request our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood our (Terms and Conditions), and explicitly agree to comply with all of its provisions.

Products and Services

  • The products and services available on “Iknology” website are available asynchronously, without specifying quantities or mandatory delivery dates. They do not have an expiration date, and prices are determined by agreement and based on the product required and implementation requirements.

Site Responsibilities

  • The customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information and data they use when registering on the site. They are also responsible for any legal consequences if the information or data is illegal or they do not have permission to use it.
  • “Iknology” is not responsible for the content, privacy policies, terms and conditions of other websites that may be linked to the site, as well as any other entities on the World Wide Web.
  • “Iknology” is not liable for any damages resulting from the customer’s inability to access the site, nor for any direct or indirect losses resulting from the use of the site.

Payment Privacy

  • “Iknology” is committed to providing customers with a variety of payment options to make it easy to purchase services in a simple and secure way.

Payment Options

  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic payment
  • PayPal
  • The customer can make payments through the different options that guarantee the safe delivery of funds in accordance with the rules of secure e-commerce, and in a way that suits the customer.
  • The payment method varies according to the option chosen by the customer, and therefore it is necessary to know each method separately.

Bank Transfer

  • Bank transfer is available for all purchases on “Iknology” However, the customer must make the transfer to one of “Iknology” private bank accounts. Therefore, it is preferred to use it for purchases that exceed the maximum limit allowed on different credit cards for electronic payment (MasterCard and American Express).
  • In order to protect the customer’s rights, and due to the bank’s collection fees for bank transfers, the money is not transferred immediately. Instead, the company first confirms that the terms of the agreement have been met, and then approves the request and begins the bank transfer process.

Steps for Bank Transfer Payment

  1. Select bank transfer as your payment method. A message will appear confirming that the payment will be processed within 48 hours.
  2. “Iknology” team will ensure that the customer’s request is fulfilled in accordance with the previously agreed upon terms.
  3. Within 48 hours, the customer will be contacted through their account on the website to inform them that the service is ready.
  4. “Iknology” team will send bank account details for the bank transfer
  5. Upon completion of the bank transfer process, a page will appear where you can attach a copy of the transfer.
  6. Please ensure that you send the full amount of the required payment without deducting the transfer fees. The customer is responsible for paying these fees when making a bank transfer. Once you attach a copy of the bank transfer, a message will appear for the customer stating that the payment has been successfully added.
  7. The customer must complete the bank transfer within a maximum of 4 days from the date of sending the bank account details. The request will be automatically canceled after this period of time from the order on the “Iknology” To complete the purchase process, the customer must repeat the steps from the beginning.

Electronic Payment / PayPal

Electronic payment is available through credit cards (MasterCard and American Express), or PayPal. The process is as follows:

  1. The customer clicks on the electronic payment option.
  2. A page appears to add the electronic payment card details.
  3. The customer completes the payment process.
  4. A message stating “Payment successful” is automatically sent to the customer’s account on the “Iknology”

Data Protection

  • The protection and security of users’ data is important to us, and we strive to preserve and protect this data by taking appropriate measures in accordance with relevant data protection laws and regulations.
  • We take technical and organizational measures to protect data from the risks of destruction, loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure. However, it is unfortunate that sending data over the internet is not completely secure, but we will do our best to protect this data.
  • We do not guarantee the protection of data sent to our website, and you alone bear the consequences of the risks of sending any data. If you have any reason to believe that your interaction with us, or your data, is no longer being processed securely, please contact us immediately.
  • All electronic financial transactions that take place on our website are protected by encryption technology.

Data Protection Guarantees

  • We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data, and we undertake, to the extent permitted by law, not to use it or disclose it in a way that conflicts with this policy. To help us protect your personal data, you must always keep your account data secure and not share it with anyone or any entity under any circumstances.
  • We will not rent or sell your data to any third parties in any form that can identify you personally, and we will not allow others to use it for direct or indirect marketing purposes without your consent. However, your data is used for the purposes stated in this policy, and our use of this data is limited to the period necessary to provide services.

Legal Disputes

  • “Iknology” website is subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the terms and conditions are specified in accordance with the website’s jurisdiction. Any legal disputes or lawsuits related to the website are subject only to the Saudi judiciary.

Data and Information

  • The data and information provided by “Iknology” website is based on high accuracy and reliability. However, “Iknology” website does not assume any legal liability in any form for any errors or inaccuracies in the information and data provided.
  • The personal information and data of “Iknology” website customers is used for the purpose of improving the user experience, serving our customers, and working to improve the quality of service.
  • All websites on the internet, including “Iknology” website, use cookies to track user activity. This information includes the type of browser, the internet service provider, and the dates of registration and browsing. This information is used to improve the website through the use of statistics.
  • “Iknology” website uses cookie storage services to improve the user experience. This is done by creating a unique record for each customer that contains information about the pages and options that have been accessed or interacted with. This helps the customer to have a better browsing experience.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • “Iknology” website has the full right to change, delete, or add any part or aspect of the website and its content. This includes the user interface, information, types of products and services, their content, methods of display, sale, purchase, prices, currencies used, and all related terms and conditions, without prior notice to users.
  • Content on the site is the sole property of “Iknology” and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, or used in any other way, such as selling, or modifying any part of the site or its content in any way, without the prior approval of the site management.
  • “Iknology” has the full right to collect information about visits to the site, as long as it is not personal to the customer, in order to improve the user experience and perform data analysis.

Payment Terms on Iknology Website

  • Once the purchase and payment process is complete, delivery will be made immediately. In the event of order cancellation, the cancellation will be processed according to the banks’ policies for refunding money. In the case of requesting customized specifications and modifications to the services offered on the website specifically, and the implementation has begun, the purchase process cannot be canceled.
  • In the event that the order is canceled by “Iknology” due to the impossibility of implementation, the website is committed to returning the money in full.
  • The customer is responsible for paying the full bank transfer fees, and the full amount of the requested amount for the order is sent.
  • PayPal charges a commission of up to 5% on payments made through it. Therefore, in the event of order cancellation and the desire to refund the money via electronic banking methods, customer service should be contacted. In all cases, the amount will be returned to the customer minus the PayPal commission.
  • All electronic banking transactions are made in US dollars. Currency conversions are made electronically based on the exchange rates of the banks with which the customer deals.
  • “Iknology” website’s electronic payment policies are subject to global payment policies that are subject to global e-commerce rights.
  • The data on the customer’s personal account on “Iknology” website is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

  • We may update this privacy policy periodically. The latest version will be posted on our website with the effective date.

Data Retention Period

  • “Iknology” retains users’ data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. Please note that in some cases, laws may require or allow us to retain such data for a longer period. We also retain your account-related data in electronic records as long as you remain a user of Iknology”, or for internal analysis purposes, to enhance security, to improve the functionality of our services, and to enforce our terms and policies.
  • We may store encrypted database backups outside our site with a third-party storage provider to ensure data security in the event of an emergency or disaster.
  • The criteria on which we retain data depend on the length of your account activity on our website, the nature and sensitivity of the personal data we collect, the duration of our provision of services to you, and applicable legal requirements, such as government orders for investigative, litigation, or potential lawsuit protection purposes.

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